Cybercrime & Risk

Cybercrime – Risks to Users Derived from Social Media, Smart Phones & the Internet

Never before have we openly shared so much information about our lives, habits, movements and actions. Search engines are indexing information that was once transient and intimate, preserving it for posterity. The growth of social media and use of the Internet has increased exponentially, creating new risks and vulnerabilities for users. Inevitably, such information has very rapidly become misused by criminals to target organisations and individuals. How we interact with each other through our computers, tablets and smart phones has become a colossal resource for those who wish to attack the organisations we are employed by, to harm us, invade our privacy or steal our identity. Social media and Internet users are at a higher risk of criminal social engineering than previously thought possible.

Risks from social networks

Risks from social networks

An organisation can substantially reduce risk levels by gaining an understanding of risks derived from:

Use of social networks and Internet
Use of apps, smart phones, tablets and computers
Technical and social engineering methods used by criminals

For example, many diplomats may not be prolific users of social networks, but there is a chance that members of their families may be. Criminals may profile the targeted diplomat by use of information shared by their relative. This information may then be misused for blackmail or extortion to assist in gaining access to confidential information.

We can help! Our highly qualified specialists are experienced in:

•  Threats from criminals to organisations and individuals from technology-derived social engineering
•  Threats derived from digital geographic data generated by digital devices
•  Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)
•  Cyber-profiling and  criminal misuse of social media[/content_box]

Blackstage Forensics offers a range of international consultancy services and training, supported by expertise in emerging cyber-threats and investigation of threats to privacy derived from the Internet and other cyber-security issues.

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